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Group Renamed!
Posted 11/20/01

Due to the fact that there is another band in Danville called "Temporary Insanity," we have changed the name of the band to "InSOmNiaKx," as you may have noticed already.

New album posponed!
Posted 11/7/01

Our debut album, Death Angel has been posponed because we are having some problems with the band. If you have any questions, e-mail them to Mike.

New guitar player to be put through audition!
Posted 10/16/01

Our new guitar player, Kevin Chad, wil be put through an audtion soon to see if he is worthy of tEMPORARY iNSANITY. He will playing some AC/DC and GWAR.

Single not to be Released!
Posted 10/4/01

The single for the song "Death Angel" will not be released due to the fact that we need some more new songs. (If you have lyrics to submit, visit the "contact me" page, and e-mail them to Mike)

All members found!
Posted 10/2/01

A guitar player was found for tEMPORARY iNSANITY! We no longer need new members! Look for "Death Angel" at Avon High School Next year. Estimated retail price $10.00.

Changes to "Death Angel"

Some tracks from "Death Angel", the band's debut album, have been cut (Fuck School, Blow it Up, Toke it Up (Our Love for Our Bong) and Fucker). A new track has been added (Fuck it All).


Here I'll include some of the jucier stuff I hear about the band members. No guarantee of the accuracy of what you read in this column!

Temporay insanity will be relaesing a single of the song "Death Angel" will two more unannouched tracks.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!